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MacGDBp 2.1.2 Released

Posted on May 19, 2022 at 18:35 UTC, filed under the category MacGDBp. Tags: software, MacGDBp,

MacGDBp 2.1.2 is now released containing one bug fix.

You can download MacGDBp 2.1.2 from the product page.

MacGDBp 2.1.1 Released

Posted on February 27, 2022 at 19:00 UTC, filed under the category MacGDBp. Tags: software, MacGDBp,

MacGDBp 2.1.1 is now released. The significant change is that the release is now code-signed and notarized by Apple.

You can download MacGDBp 2.1.1 from the product page.

MacGDBp 2.1 Released

Posted on January 2, 2022 at 07:00 UTC, filed under the category MacGDBp. Tags: software, MacGDBp,

Happy New Year! Today I’m releasing MacGDBp 2.1, which improves compatability with macOS 12 Monterey. The major new change is native support for Apple Silicon. In addition, there are some visual tweaks to work better on macOS 12.

Another notable change is that on newer macOS versions, Apple have stopped shipping a PHP executable by default. MacGDBp previously relied on this to highlight the source code viewer. This release now adds a preference to specify the PHP executable path to enable syntax highlighting.

You can download MacGDBp 2.1 from the product page.

Announcing Mailpopbox

Posted on August 8, 2020 at 14:00 UTC, filed under the category Mailpopbox. Tags: software, Mailpopbox,

I’m excited to announce the first new Blue Static product in 13 years!

Mailpopbox is an email server that helps provide anonymity by accepting email to any account at the domain (i.e. a catch-all wildcard). All messages are delivered to a single mailbox, from which your email client downloads all the messages.

This is version 2.0.1, which you may find surprising for an “initial release.” I’ve been running Mailpopbox myself for more than three years, adding features and fixing bugs. So it has been fairly well-tested in production, and I decided it was finally time to release it.

Mailpopbox is also the first product to use GitHub for issue tracking, rather than Bugdar. I’m doing this as an experiment, so we’ll see how that goes. Pull requests are welcome via GitHub too, though the repository source of truth will remain self-hosted here on Blue Static.

You can download Mailpopbox 2.0.1 and read more on the product page.

MacGDBp 2.0.2 Released

Posted on April 18, 2020 at 07:00 UTC, filed under the category MacGDBp. Tags: software, MacGDBp,

Today I’m releasing MacGDBp 2.0.2 to address a major issue with the auto-updater and some other minor product bugs.

Somehow when upgrading the Sparkle updater framework when working on MacGDBp 2.0, the auto-update relauncher binary lost its executable bit. This resulted in the auto-update installation hanging indefinitely. Unfortunatley there is no way to automatically recover from this state. Users can run:

chmod +x*

… and re-run the in-product updater. Or simply download version 2.0.2 which has resolved the issue.

You can download MacGDBp 2.0.2 from the product page.

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