Blue Static

Welcome to Blue Static

Blue Static is home to several free and open source software products. The software here is not only free to use, but its source is available for redistribution and modification as you see fit. Support for these products are provided by the community, and patches for improvements and bug fixes are welcome.


A macOS front end to the Xdebug remote debugging extension. PHP developers can now get an IDE-class debugging environment to examine their code locally or remotely.


An email server designed to provide privacy by providing wildcard addressing.

RGB Converter

A Mac OS X Dashboard widget that takes converts between RGB HEX codes and RGB triplets.


Bugdar is a bug tracking and management application that is fast, flexible, and robust. Built on PHP and MySQL, the software is highly customizable with custom fields, usergroups, and a powerful permission system.


A small tool to find dictionary words given an input set of characters.