Welcome to Blue Static

Blue Static is a repository for free and open source software authored by Robert Sesek. Not only is the software here free to use, but its source is available for redistribution and modification as well. Support for these products are provided by the community, and patches for improvements and bug fixes are welcome.


Bugdar is a bug tracking and management application that is fast, flexible, robust, and has a great interface. While other systems have drawbacks, especially in the speed department, Bugdar is a powerful tool that all developers should use.


Using the power of the Xdebug PHP extension, this Mac OS X application allows PHP developers to remotely debug their running PHP applications.

RGB Converter

A Mac OS X Dashboard widget that takes an RGB HEX code or RGB values and gives the other. This tool is helpful for all types of designers who work with RGB color.


A quick little tool that you can use whenever word scrambling games get you frustrated.