Blue Static


Email privacy through anonymity.

Wildcard Addresses

Mailpopbox is not a typical mail-server: it is meant to be used by a single person. All messages addressed to any mailbox at the configured domain are delivered into a single account. This lets you create site-specific email addresses, allowing you to segment or compartmentalize your emails. Any time a form or a person asks for an email address, you can simply make up a This enhances your privacy by:

Reply Controls

While many domain registrars offer the above wildcard forwarding, none offer the ability to reply from the random addresses that a message gets sent to. But Mailpopbox does! By default, mail gets sent as the address, but if you add a [sendas:ACCOUNT] tag to the Subject line of any message, Mailpopbox will rewrite the From address to be

Requirements & Installation

Mailpopbox needs to run as a long-lived server process and be able to bind to ports 25 and 995 to offer SMTP and POP3 facilities. A TLS certificate is also required to provide a secure channel for authentication. See the installation guide for complete setup instructions.


Prebuilt binaries for Mailpopbox are provided for Linux and Mac, as well as digital signatures for the packages.

Bug Reports

Please report any issues on GitHub. Pull requests are also accepted.