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New Product Ahead!

Posted on November 6, 2006 at 03:17 UTC, filed under the category Kalens.

If I’ve been quiet on the Bugdar front, it’s because Kalens has been under heavy development the last couple of weeks and we’re approaching Beta 1 after weeks of alphas.

Kalens comes from the Latin word for “calendar” which should make the function of this new application easy to discern ;). Kalens, however, is unique because besides having an amazing interface (which I’m still polishing up), it is very AJAX-y through a nifty JavaScript library called jQuery which provides very easy cross-broswer working animations and such.

So I figure the best way to show you parts of the interface is through a a movie (~2.7 MB).

Of course, this is released under the GNU GPL and the source code tree can be found here. Please feel free to check the code out, but at the moment it does not have any installer (though you can find the schema files in the docs/ folder).

Enjoy! Beta 1 should be released for public consumption within a week or two.