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Edoc and ISSO Reased

Posted on April 29, 2006 at 06:11 UTC, filed under the category Edoc.

Although it’s four days late, I finally released Edoc 2 and ISSO 2. It’s been an exhausting week by no stretch of the imagination. I have not had the time to release before now, but I finally got the website finished up and decided to deploy tonight.

For your own edification, this is how I prepare a release:

  1. Test installing from fresh in a new database

  2. Test upgrading from previous versions

  3. On the development version of the isiwww main site, make sure the download package works (set up the versions in the download manager and make it work just like it would live)

  4. Upload new versions to and dog-food to make sure everything is okay

  5. Insert new version records into the download manager and queue up the sources for deployment (this is what drives the download forms; I’ll explain how this works later)

  6. svn update the isiwww to deploy the new site

  7. Check download packages to make sure they work (rollback to previous site and start at step one again if they don’t work)

  8. Tag all the necessary repositories for the release

So it’s out. Enjoy :). Bugdar 1.1 will now start development.