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Edoc 2.0 in Release Candidate Stage

Posted on April 19, 2006 at 05:56 UTC, filed under the category Bugdar.

As of now, Edoc 2.0 is feature-complete and everything should be ready for release. I’m now going through and testing all of the functionality to make sure that I’ve ironed out all the bugs I can before I release it. Also, I’m preparing the materials for the site for the release: updating the product page, homepage, etc. and when those are finished I should be ready to release Edoc 2.0! I expect to release Edoc over the weekend or very early (Monday or Tuesday) next week.

Of course, once Edoc is released work on Bugdar 1.1 will get underway. I’m very excited to start knocking off things on my private to-do list and on the public bug tracker. I’ll post regular updates on how work is progressing as I’m developing Bugdar 1.1. I’ll also let you know when the email notifications system is done so that those who are interested can use that feature in the alpha/beta version.