Edoc 2.0/ISSO 2.0

Posted on April 12th, 2006 at 8:42 pm, filed under Edoc, ISSO.

Time for another development update. At the moment, everything has been finished feature-wise for both Edoc and ISSO2. I’ve been testing and looking for bugs for a few weeks now and have not run across any show-stoppers. Currently, the only thing keeping me from release is finishing off the new navigation framework that’s used by the Printer module, as well as the new style to go along with it. I want to make sure that these are designed well because the components will be reused again in nearly every ISSO application. I’m hoping to have the entire project finished off by the end of the week, with a release very late this week or early next week.

And, of course, once Edoc and ISSO2 are out the door, work on Bugdar 1.1 will go into full swing. I cannot wait to start implementing all of the ISSO2 goodies into Bugdar–it’ll make the code so much more pleasurable to work with, namely the API system.

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