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End of Life Announcement

Because I no longer use Subversion for source control, ViewSVN will not be receiving any updates. The download and source code are still avaliable and will remain so. For more information, see this blog post.


ViewSVN is a new, easy-to-use web-based Subversion repository viewer written in PHP5.

Clean URLs

Clean URLs

ViewSVN uses cleanly-crafted URLs to access repository information. All of the URLs are rewritten using Apache’s mod_rewrite system to provide an elegant and user-editable URL tree.

Powerful Diffs

Powerful Diffs

The diff viewer in ViewSVN does much more than just present the raw output from the Subversion commands: it parses the diff and presents it in human-readable form. ViewSVN also highlights individual character changes within modified lines, making it easy to spot small changes without having to manually compare lines.

Other Features

ViewSVN also features a commit message formatter to parse bulleted messages into actual list items, connect a number prefixed with “r” to a link to that revision in the repository, and a method to hook up a bug database to ViewSVN to link to closed bug reports from commit messages. Additionally, ViewSVN has all the standard Subversion features: browsing, viewing, blame, property listing, diff, and logs.

System Requirements

Beta Software

This is beta software! While your Subversion repository should not be harmed or altered by using ViewSVN, the data may be displayed incorrectly when viewed from the browser. Blue Static makes no guarantees that this software behaves as advertised.