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BU Print Drop 1.2

Use MyPrint!

Boston University has introduced the new MyPrint remote printing system. This is the preferred way to print both on and off-campus at BU. I recommend you use that method; however, because it is only for 10.5 Leopard and higher, I will still keep Print Drop available for 10.4 Tiger users. NOTE: This software will not function as expected until after an update is pushed in early September, once all the new printers are online.

Boston University students no longer need to go to on-campus computer labs (or deal with the Terminal) to print there. Now, all you have to do is “print” the document as a PDF, drag the PDF onto the gray box in Print Drop, and login! Print Drop will then print the file for you at the on-campus printer of your choosing.

Print Drop is a Universal Binary that requires 10.4 or higher (including 10.5). This software is free and is distributed under the GNU GPL v2. The source code is also available.

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16 September 2008


31 August 2008


7 April 2008

1.0 Beta 3

28 February 2008

1.0 Beta 2

27 February 2008

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