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Blue Static Announces MacGDBp

BOSTON—15 June 2008—Blue Static today is announcing the release date of MacGDBp, a native Cocoa application that allows Web developers to debug their PHP applications. The tool makes use of the Xdebug ( PHP extension that provides remote debugging functionality.

Blue Static will be releasing the software under the GNU GPL version 2 on the morning of Tuesday, 17 June 2008.

The inaugural release of MacGDBp provides all the necessary tools a developer needs for debugging. After connecting the debugger to the running PHP application, users can perform basic instruction stepping (stepping over, into, or out of a line of code). Additionally, all local variables and the current function call stack are displayed, just like in all other fully featured debuggers. Breakpoints can also be set at any file, causing the debugger to pause at a given location so developers can inspect their code while it’s running.

Blue Static has paid special attention to user interface design with MacGDBp. The interface takes queues from Apple’s own developer tool, Xcode. Any developer who has spent any time using another debugger, particularly Xcode, will immediately be accustomed to MacGDBp’s sleek interface.

MacGDBp will require Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in order to run, and it will be available at no charge on Tuesday, 17 June 2008.

Blue Static is a one-man software development organization, founded by Robert Sesek, that prides itself on creating usable and beautiful applications for the Web and the Mac platform. When formed in 2006, the organization primarily focused on its Web-based bug tracking system, Bugdar. Since then, Blue Static has grown into the Mac development market with Scrabbalize and now MacGDBp.

Robert Sesek
Blue Static

Screen Shots

The main debugger window showing current execution paused on the red highlighed line. Also visible is the current stack frame and variable scope.

Managing the breakpoints that have been set. Breakpoints will cause the execution of the program to stop in the specified file at a given line.