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Dr Lou
MacGDBp / 1.3.0
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MacGDBp crashes immediately after connection to the path listed in Preferences. (OS X 10.5.7)
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July 13, 2009 11:06 PM
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July 13, 2009 11:06 PM Dr Lou
I've got MacGDBp at least beginning to talk to the xdebug session on our server.

However, it crashes immediately after connection to the path listed in Preferences. Is there any explicit documentation available for what these paths must be?
Does MacGDBp support SSL connections?
Are there specific extension options which must be enabled on xdebug?

Many thanks - looks like a great tool - I look forward to using it! L

Apache 2.2.11, xdebug installed with PECL - which options should be ON?

July 15, 2009 03:15 PM Dr Lou
MacGDBp freezes at 'connecting' to one of the listed paths in preferences. Here's gdb output - does this help?

? Do BOTH paths have to contain full copies of ALL files on the site?

July 22, 2009 03:31 AM Robert
Can you please test the beta build in bug 166 to see if it still happens with that version?

As for SSL, if you're referring to whether the web server is serving it, that makes no difference. MacGDBp connects to the PHP engine, not the web server, so it won't be affected by that.

On September 4, 2019 01:34 PM, Robert changed: