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    • CommentAuthorreedb
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010
    MacGDBp, Version 1.3.1 (34)
    I was able to successfully debug the above error (viewable in the OSX Console App, All message) by
    using the following command in terminal:
    sudo lsof -i -P

    SR_Servic 205 root 67u IPv4 0x04a06304 0t0 TCP localhost:9000 (LISTEN)
    SR_Servic 205 root 68u IPv4 0x04a04ec8 0t0 TCP localhost:9000->localhost:49155 (ESTABLISHED)
    SecureCli 269 Magellan 15u IPv4 0x04a052d4 0t0 TCP localhost:49155->localhost:9000 (ESTABLISHED)

    SR_Servic was the process that was holding localhost:9000 and keeping MacGDBp from getting debug events.
    I hunted around a bit (this was on friends machine) and found an old unused VPN client was the problem.
    Removing it fixed my problems with MacGDBp.

    If you run sudo lsof -i -P when MacGDBp is running you should see something like:
    MacGDBp 503 Magellan 5u IPv4 0x04a04ec8 0t0 TCP *:9000 (LISTEN)

    Hope this helps someone else and thanks to the developer for putting in the error logging.
    • CommentAuthorAuralia
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2010
    Similar error:

    MacGDBp had been running for me but for some reason was failing to bind to the socket.

    I ran:

    sudo lsof -i -P

    as described above and saw an SR_SERVIC owned by root was on port 9000.
    I went into MacGDBp preferences and set the port to 9001 and retried.
    This time my system console confirmed that MacGDBp was listening on port 9001,

    10-12-23 10:30:36 AM Firewall[67] MacGDBp is listening from proto=6

    but it still wouldn't hit the xdebug_break() in my code. I remembered that xdebug had some setup in php.ini, so I went there and changed the port reference as well...


    I saved and restarted Apache, which hit a bug (Apparently from the upgrade to OS 10.6.5)

    /usr/sbin/apachectl: line 82: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Invalid argument

    Which led me to:
    Though the error says line 82, the ULIMIT_MAX_FILES variable is set around line 64. A couple suggestions I had read suggested changing ULIMIT_MAX_FILES to "", but I liked this guy's suggestion better (1024) :)

    I restarted Apache, set up the debugger and reloaded my page that I wanted to debug.

    Worked like a charm.