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    Thank you so much for this amazing tool! I'm wondering if anyone has tips or advice on how to do conditional breakpoints (if possible)...

    Here's the best example I can think of: I have a data set of records (let's say, a group of people and their contact information) and I'm getting 500 records back from mysql. I don't want to step into a loop several hundred times to get to the record I want to examine. Is there any way to break 'if the current array index' is '350'? Or any way to break if the current person's last name = 'smith'? etc... (Breakpoint inside a loop when a condition is met)?

    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2010 edited
    I'd really love conditional breakpoints, too. There's unfortunately no UI exposed in MacGDBp, but the spec does support them. It will probably make its way into a future release.