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    • CommentAuthorPascal
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010

    [note :I first posted that trick in the following of another thread, but it would be better here to help people who want to do the same.]

    In order to have a more compact bug-list in the main page, I tried to replace the <line return> between items of the same column by a "/" separator (ie, the content of the column "Product / Version" is now displayed as "TheProduct / TheVersion".
    To use that, do the following :

    In Include/class_sort.php file, inside constructRow routine, replace

    foreach ($columns AS $column)
    $build[] = $this->_processDataForColumn($bug, $column, $params, true);
    $data = "\n\t\t" . implode("\n\t\t", $build) . "\n\t";


    foreach ($columns AS $column)
    $build[] = $this->_processDataForColumn($bug, $column, $params, false);
    $data = "\n\t\t" . implode(" / ", $build) . "\n\t";

    Works fine for "Product / Version" and "Status / Resolution / Severity"