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    as I'm new here, firstly many thanks for providing Bugdar.
    A very elegant piece of work!

    Here we wanted to see the comments directly in the bug list, so I hacked this into class_sort.php. I'm afraid it's hard-coded rather than template-based, but I've attached it so that you can see the effect in case you'd like to implement it properly as an option sometime (obviously it wouldn't be wanted by everyone). The changes are in lines 388 and 412-428 of the attached class_sort.php. In addition, line 69 of index.php now reads as follows -
    $bugs .= $sort->constructRow($bug, null, $db, $datef);

    Best regards,
    David Mackenzie
    Leipzig, Germany

    I've also changed the constructRow() calls in favorite.php and search.php similarly to that in index.php as above.
    Furthermore, changing $comment['comment'] to $comment['comment_parsed'] on line 426 of class_sort.php (attached) retains the comment formatting.