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Bugdar / 1.0.1
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Custom Fields Do Not Appear on newreport.php
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March 14, 2006 02:12 AM
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March 14, 2006 02:12 AM Robert
Custom fields do not appear on newreport.php, but they do on search.php and showreport.php. It should be there, to follow suit.

March 14, 2006 02:13 AM Robert
This has been implemented on TRUNK, but not on the 1.0.x branch. I'll back-port soon and provide the diff here.

On March 14, 2006 02:14 AM, Robert changed:
March 17, 2006 12:22 AM Robert
I've attached the diff of the changes to make this work. It's very small changes, so it should be easy to do manually.

On March 17, 2006 12:22 AM, Robert changed: