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MacGDBp / 1.4.1
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"Break on first line of execution" doesn't work?
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August 26, 2011 01:14 AM
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August 26, 2011 01:14 AM Luke
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding how this is supposed to work, I'm not really sure....

When "Break on first line of execution" is un-checked I still have to press the "Continue" button for execution to resume. The only thing "Break on first line of execution" seems to do is not display where execution is currently at, meaning the execution is still stopped on the first line but doesn't show anything.

What I want is execution to not be interrupted unless a break point is hit. Currently you have to hit "Continue" no matter what.

February 21, 2012 02:25 PM Naatan
+1, this really makes the app unusable to me..

Is this project dead? I've tried the app multiple times and was always turned away by this bug.. I'm amazed it still hasn't been resolved... (even more amazed that stopping on first line of execution is a feature that's enabled by default ..).

March 2, 2012 02:08 PM Naatan
I've been playing around in the source to try and find the cause of this issue. So far I've found no solution but I've found that in fact MacGDBp is not breaking on first line at all, rather it's simply hanging altogether.

Part of the problem for me was that I was outputting in gzip format, which MacGDBp does not handle. Disabling this made the scripts run through but they still hang about 40% of the time for no apparent reason. It only seems to be large scripts that hang randomly and I can even make these scripts run completely by not having them output any data (simply disabling the final echo line makes them run).

That's where I'm at right now, I have yet to find a complete solution to the problem, but I suspect it's some sort of encoding issue. Although it's weird that it only randomly hangs.

For more info on the "research" I've done check here:


Kudos to "codewaggle" on stackoverflow for his assistance.

Would love to hear from a dev.

May 29, 2012 01:01 PM Arturo
This feature doesn't seem to work for me in 1.4.1 (91.97). While the tool is still very useful to me, having this functional would make some aspects of my work far more efficient.