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MacGDBp / 1.3.1
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Remote breakpoint setting not working?
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October 8, 2009 10:44 PM
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October 8, 2009 10:44 PM joshfrench
I'm using MacGDBp 1.3.1 to debug an app running on a remote server. I can't seem to create remote breakpoints even after setting the path replacements. My environment is a little unorthodox, however:

* /Users is actually a symlink to /Volumes/data/Users (don't ask)
* The remote server is a local VM
* The app's directory on the VM is a mounted share which lives on my local host
* Thus /var/www/app is a symlink to /mnt/hgfs/app.local and app.local lives at /Volumes/data/Users/josh/Sites/app.local

I've tried setting the paths with both the symlinks (/Users/josh/Sites/app.local and /var/www/app) and the expanded paths (/Volumes/data/Users/josh/Sites/app.local and /mnt/hgfs/app.local) but I can't get the debugger to stop on a breakpoint. MacGDBP isn't writing anything to the Console log when this happens.

I'm totally willing to chalk this one up to user error, but I thought I'd raise it in case you're aware of anything I can do to resolve it... Thanks!